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The all-in-one toolkit for selling property efficiently

Let's be honest, even pre-pandemic commercialisation processes were messy at the best of times. Don't let a crisis go to waste. Use this moment to both become pandemic-proof and emerge stronger, more efficient, and aligned.

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dec 3, 2020 from 11h30 to 12h

“Modernisez et simplifiez vos processus de commercialisation avec Drawbotics Reach

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Help your sales and marketing teams collaborate productively

Sales and marketing efficiency are key. Working remote often makes it even harder to align teams. Keep your sales and marketing team coordinated on content by collaborating on a centralised and easy-to-use interface to create harmony and productivity.

Run incredible remote meetings

Is your sales team currently winging it during lockdown? Tying together endless tech tools and playing tab hopscotch while on sales calls?

Redefine efficient sales meetings, both physical and remote, by giving your team the best tools to close deals. Become pandemic-proof.

Manage marketing assets effortlessly

Wondering if your team is using the latest marketing materials? Finding it hard to manage marketing assets that are updated regularly?

Keep your team, and your marketing assets, in sync with Reach's new content management system. Say goodbye to hunting through email chains for the latest versions and making tedious presentation updates.

A personalised and dedicated space for your prospects

Differentiate yourselves by offering your prospects an innovative experience. Automatically create a personal and evolving environment for each prospect and help them projecting themselves in their potential future home!

Interested in seeing what the future of new home sales looks like?

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