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2D/3D Interactive floor plans

Get your basics right

92% of your customers expect to see the floor plans of the property they're buying. Make sure you have a 2D floor plan for every property you bring to market.

Want to go further, we can deliver 3D floor plans or even interactive models where the customers can move around furniture.


Floor plans made easy

Ordering your floor plans has never been easier. We can start from a very basic hand drawn sketch and transform them into beautiful floor plans. Yes, sometimes, we perform miracles.

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Delivery under 48h
Don’t lose any valuable promotion time with our timely production deadlines. Under 2 working days for our floor plan service.
Bring innovation to your online promotion with an interactive floor plan, an experience like none other.
Free corrections
Through our custom-built review studio, you and your colleagues can adapt any type of project until it is absolutely perfect. The first correction round is free.
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Order anytime, anywhere directly though our online platform. We've created over 50.000 projects for clients all over the world.

Extremely competitive prices

€15 - €30

Apartment - 2D Floor plan

Our prices start as low as $15 for a basic floor plan of an apartment unit.

€20 - €50

House - 2D Floor plan

Our prices start as low as €25 for a basic floor plan of a house

€10 / 100 sqm

Commercial space

Our prices start as low as €15 for a commercial space and €10 per 100 sqm.


Can I trial Drawbotics before paying?


Sure! We offer all new Drawbotics clients a €50 credit to order their first floor plan for free. It's super easy, sign up in seconds and send us your first project

What do I need to get started?


All we need from you is a hand drawn sketch of the property or a blueprint. You can then directly order it online, enter your desires and needs, and we’ll take care of the rest.

How do I order?


We've created an online platform where you can order in seconds and manage all your projects efficiently. Reach out to us if you want a quick demo but easiest is to just get started!

How do I integrate my interactive floor plan in my website?


All projects can be integrated through a simple code. You just need to copy the embed code we will deliver and paste it into the HTML code of your website. If you need any assistance, our IT team will gladly help you!

Why should I order an interactive floor plan?


Recent studies have shown that more than 20% of homebuyers ignore property listings without a floor plan. Furthermore, an ad containing an interactive floor plan has 30% more contact requests from qualified leads. It helps you sell quicker and offer quality service.

Still have questions? Contact us by requesting a demo!