Close deals efficiently with tools that empower sales teams to be at their best

Collect leads auto-magically

Our scheduling tool takes the headache out of booking meetings for your whole team. No more playing telephone tag to find a timeslot that works.

Instead, when a lead is interested, we show them a teams’ collective availability and let them drop right into a team member’s calendar. No fuss or frustration.

  • In-person and remote locations
  • Team availability
  • Integrated analytics
  • Microsoft and Google sync
  • Detailed metadata
Pandemic-Proof Sales teams

Drawbotics Reach

Whether your team is selling with masks on, or remotely from their living room, our new capability, Drawbotics Reach, will give them a boost.

Reach is a platform built specifically to host engaging meetings in the Real Estate industry that close.

  • Industry specific
  • Dynamic spaces
  • User friendly interface
  • Highly customisable

CRM... for Developers

When we bring leads into your pipeline they are more than just an email address. We make sure that we can form a rich profile including industry specific attributes - such as typology interest and budget.

You shouldn't have to shoehorn generic CRMs into our industry. Try one that is built for it, from the ground up.

  • Meta data that matters
  • Pre-set sales stages
  • Extensive automation
  • Built for sales teams
  • Advanced filters
  • Deal flow analytics

Leads that are more than just an email

Often, the extent of a lead's data is just their name, phone number, and email. With our combination of tools, your sales and marketing team will have leads with a lot more context to go on.

  • Typology preferences
  • Size preference
  • How they found you
  • Plus more...
  • Budget range
  • Location
  • Purchase intent
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Make efficiency and transparency your number one priority by allowing software to do the heavy lifting. Mosaic is an ecosystem that allows you to track your leads, analyze your campaigns, build landing pages and so much more.
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